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Viable Vision -

Accelerating Growth with Theory of Constraints

Viable Vision is a consulting company that helps clients make operational improvements that reduce expenses and then translates these improvements into increased sales and profits. Unlike approaches that emphasize local improvements and cost reductions, our methodology focuses on increasing output by breaking constraints and better synchronizing the flow of work. Consider the profit impact of increasing revenues 20% (a typical result for our clients) without increasing operating expense. The 20% of additional revenue, less the cost of materials, drops directly to the bottom line.


We have developed templates for applying our methodology in four different types of organizations - Project oriented businesses, Manufacturers producing to customer orders or to stock, and Retail Supply Chains. Our process is not dependent on the specific technical or market aspects of an industry. Instead, it provides a superior way to manage complexity and relies on principles and applications of the Theory of Constraints (TOC). During our 17 year history we have been able to achieve consistent results across a broad array of industries.

The Robert E. Fox Award for operational excellence is given annually to two companies that have converted internal improvements into sustained increases in sales and profits.






Recently, a special Fox Award for lifetime achievement was presented to Steven Covey at the CPI Conference held in Layton, Utah.

We typically seek clients from

organizations in one of the

following situations:


Emerging companies seeking to 

  become industry leaders.

  For such companies outperforming the competition

  is critical to growth. Funding growth is also a

  challenge, so increasing margins and revenue

  without major investment is critical.


Companies with clear operational      

  constraints in their manufacturing,   

  project, or retail supply chains.

  Improving synchronization and increasing the flow

  through their operations translates into increased

  revenues and profits. The resulting improvement

  in reliability and responsiveness helps grow key

  customers and overall market share.


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Companies with sound strategies 

  whose execution lags expectation.

  Many companies have designed sound strategies  

  but struggle to execute them. Aligning all

  business functions to execute seamlessly is as

  critical to business success as teamwork is to a

  football team. TOC provides the most effective

  methodology for synchronizing an organization

and bridging the current gap between execution and strategy.



Our commitment to clients

Is to deliver substantial, measurable bottom 

line results by greatly improving operational execution and linking these gains to increased sales and profits. In most cases a percentage of our fees are tied directly to the bottom line  results of our work. Our clients consistently achieve double digit growth in revenues and profits from the exposed capacity and improved synchronization.

Profitability with

No Boundaries 

Reza (Russ) M. Pirasteh and Robert E. Fox

Authors Pirasteh and Fox know what causes various improvement approaches to fail, and in response provide a new model that combines theory of constraints (TOC), lean and Six Sigma into a unique program called iTLS.

This scientifically proven methodology as outlined in this new and exciting book improves results dramatically.

The book is divided into two parts.  The first is geared toward senior decision makers - those who decide "if" their company should adopt a iTLS approach. The second deals with the details of "how" and is directed to those responsible for implementing iTLS.

If your  intention is to learn how to improve quality, process reliability, and throughput while creating a wasteless enterprise, then this new book is for you!


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